IPS School, Bheekawas
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Not every person has the same kinds of talents, so we discover what our Students are and we work with them

Ideas rule the world and thoughts decide the way of life. It is the mind which sculptures One’s destiny. We give ideas and take ideas of students according to their mental blueprint and make them to think positively, in right direction So that our Students achieves their goals, what they aspire for

Our Vision is to provide such an environment for our students so that they create ideas.

Every great achievement whether in the field of religion, Science, Medicine, Space technology, Information and Communication Sector or in any field, was at the first stage an idea.

Ideas with knowledge lead to action and success comes to you with hugging hands. Knowledge is power when our students applies their Knowledge and understanding the problem, analyses the prevailing situation with hard work and perseverance the solution is not far to reach, and when one knows the answer, the success is theirs.

Our mission is to give knowledge and confidence to our students so that they have to create the capacity to lead the society, mound the society in a positive direction, keep away the society from many social evils.

We are creating a will in our students, will means not the ordinary desire but an unflinching, undoubting wish to achieve something.

Be with us and give us opportunity


IPS School aims to build and nurture a community of thinking, Compassionate world citizens, who are committed to living with responsibility, learning with enthusiasm and balancing a strong will power.


We are providing stimulating and intellectually challenging environment. We are ready to Create intelligence with pragmatism so that our students Serve Society with Sincerity

  • Intelligence:- academic with facts and concepts, cultural, sporting and social potential through multiple paths to learning
  • Pragmatism:- acquire habits of curiosity, learning by pragmatic approach, comparison towards every living
  • Sincerity- Serve Society aright respect and concern towards the environment, Maintain openness and respect in the face of racial, cultural, religious and linguistic diversity.